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Probate Administration can be very time consuming, depending upon the nature and complexity of the assets in the deceased estate.

However, in most cases, particularly in estates totalling less than £325,000 where no inheritance tax is payable, it is possible to deal with the estate very promptly and completion of the great majority of the administration can be achieved within weeks of our being instructed.

All our staff are fully trained probate specialists and are engaged full time in probate administration and in no other type of work.

Furthermore your file will be reviewed and checked on a weekly basis to make sure progress is maintained.

Your administration will be dealt with proactively and we will investigate and resolve any third-party delays, such as delays in banks providing asset valuations or delays in the probate registry or Inland Revenue.

It is our policy to pay or transfer any specific legacies or gifts under the will to the beneficiaries as soon as we can and not to wait until the end of the administration to do this. We will also, if funds allow, make partial distributions to the main beneficiaries. We believe this should avoid the executor coming under pressure from beneficiaries and means that the beneficiaries receive their money as soon as possible as the deceased would have wanted.